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ICATT was initiated with the goal of providing the Air Ambulance service in the most affordable and professional manner. ICATT prides themselves as being the only specialised air ambulance service in our country that is owned and lead by critical care experts with over 14 years of international experience and certifications in pre-hospital emergency medicine, ECMO, Transit Critical Care and Aeromedical Rapid Response with National Health Services (NHS) in the U.K

ambulatory support

G1 recognizes that Air Ambulance pickup involves a lot of coordination between various stake holders and that could be time consuming.
G1 on the ground support ambulances, ICATT air ambulance teams will collaborate for efficient pickup and drop of patients to Hospitals.

1. Consumer who needs an Air Ambulance, calls our G1 call center with details of pick up

2. Call Center works on availability and quotation and gets back to consumer

3. Consumer confirms the same and G1 call center will coordinate the pickup and drop with on the ground ambulance network and Air Ambulance provider

Does my Insurance allow for Air Ambulance Claim?
During an Emergency, G1 helps you locate the nearest Hospital, Bloody Banks & Pharmacies. Some of the insurance policies allow for Air Ambulance to be used in certain conditions. This is currently not done as a Cashless transaction, but on reimbursement basis. Since this claim is not common, processes have not evolved to make it a cashless.
Check with your insurance company on the procedure for reimbursement.

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