Do You Want To Become A First Responder/EMT/Ambulance Driver

Please join the revolution to help people in distress and saving lives.

This app is for you if you are an Ambulance Driver, Emergency Medical Technicians(EMT), Emergency Medical Doctor or First Responder.

First Responders are general public who can come to the rescue of people who are in medical emergencies in their vicinity. It it gives immense satisfaction to  We facilitate training for people who aspire to become first responders so that we enable them to be able to manage a medical emergency till the medical professional’s help is available.

First Responder/EMT/Ambulance Driver will be enabled with a “First Responder” App which will help send a notification to them in case of an emergency in their vicinity.

To enable you to be registered on our system as a First Responder, EMT or an Ambulance Driver please WhatsApp ‘FR’ to 81061 73902. Our team will get in touch with you to enable you.

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