1. What is emergency in G1?

Emergency on G1 app means an emergency issues related to health

  • Accident
  • Chest pain (heart attack, cardiac arrest)
  • Head injury
  • Police
  • Fire
  • Pregnant women in labor


  1. What is cardiac arrest?

Cardiac arrest is a sudden loss of blood flow resulting from the failure of the heart to pump effectively. Signs include loss of consciousness and absent breathing. Some individuals may experience chest pain, shortness of breath, or nausea before cardiac arrest.


  1. What is Heart attack ?

A heart attack happens when there is a sudden complete blockage of an artery that supplies blood to an area of your heart.  If some of the heart muscle dies, a person experiences chest pain


  1. What are non-emergency cases managed in G1?

There are total 3 non emergency type cases are managed in G1

  • Shifting patient from one location to another location.
  • Patient is getting discharged
  • Transfer of dead body


  1. How G1 application can support/help me during emergency?

G1 app helps you in finding

  1. Nearest ambulance to you
  2. Nearest hospitals and blood banks
  3. Blood donors among your friends and people living around
  4. Notifies your family or friends about an emergency incident with you.


  1. How can you find nearest hospital?

We have tied up with thousands of multispecialty hospitals across India. When ambulance driver services during emergency, Then the information about nearest hospital is provided in the smart phone of driver through our database. You can also see a hospital nearest to you using G1 App on your smartphone.


  1. Which all cities G1 is operational?

G1 ambulance network is operational in Hyderbad, Noida, Srikakulam, Bangalore, Delhi, Faridabad, Ghaziabad,  Gurgaon, Chennai , Pune,Thane, Navi Mumbai, Mumbai, Ahmedabad ,Surat  and Kolkata.


  1. How many ambulances do we have in each city?

We currently have 500+ ambulances in our system. Each city is estimated to have 100+ ambulances during the next 2 months.


  1. How much time G1 network ambulances require to reach patient during an emergency?

G1 ambulances arrival time depends on the distance of nearest ambulance from patient current location.


  1. Can I book ambulance from G1app?

Yes, you can book an ambulance via G1 app by using Book an ambulance feature available at the home page of G1 app.


  1. What is the procedure for booking an ambulance on the G1 app?

Customer /Patient can book an ambulance by following the below mentioned process 

    1. Click book an  ambulance button available on the home page of G1 app
    2. Read the popup message and click OK
    3. Type your pick up & drop location
    4. Select the request type/ reason for ambulance booking.
    5. Select services.
    6. Choose ambulance type & click “Proceed”
    7. Select required additional services to confirm booking.


  1. What are the different ways to book an G1 network ambulance?

Customer can book ambulance by G1 app using Book an ambulance feature. They can also dial G1 call center number 9392100108 to book an ambulance


  1. What category and what type of vehicles are used as ambulances under the G1 network?

G1 Ambulance Network has ALS & BLS ambulance. These ambulance use vehicles like Maruti Omni, Tempo Traveler, Mahindra Bolero, Winger.


  1. What is the seating capacity in different ambulances?


Ambulance seating Capacity
Size/Type ALS BLS
Large 4 5
Medium N/A 3
Small N/A 2
*Excluding one patient ,one driver & one helper/additional driver


  1. What are the payment channels for booking an ambulance?

Customer can pay advance amount via digital mode using paytm, UPI & with Debit/credit card. Cash payments are also accepted


  1. Can I pay complete amount in advance on G1 app via digital mode?

Currently the G1 app takes only the booking amount as advance via digital mode. In Case the booking is cancelled then amount will be reversed to customer account within 7 working days.


  1. Can you take me through app over call? / Can you help me over call how can I book ambulance?

Sorry sir/madam, It’s a emergency no we can’t take you through app over call. We suggest you to please go through the FAQ’s section located under the profile page of G1 app if you have a specific question for which answer is not available we suggest you to write @


  1. What will be the tariff/service fee levied by G1 app for providing assistance during emergency?

G1 is a free to use app available on play store & ios store. G1 charges zero fee to for providing support during emergency. The ambulance charges are based on ambulance type & distance travelled by ambulance during an emergency.


  1. How will the ambulance get my location during an emergency?

G1 app during installation request to access mobile GPS location. If customer allows, the G1 app will take current mobile GPS location.


  1. Why should I book an ambulance through the G1 app?

If the customer books an ambulance through the G1 app, the customer will receive a transparent pricing and GPS enabled vehicle which can be tracked on G1 app.. We have the largest ambulance network in which almost all the city ambulances are available.


  1. How is road accident insurance of Rs 249 different from my current health insurance plan?

The road accident insurance is an exclusive plan available only for G1 customer. It covers below expenses which other insurance policy doesn’t cover

  • It provides inpatient hospital expenses up to Rs 1,00,000.
  • Ambulance costs upto Rs 20,000/-
  • It covers outpatient benefit up to Rs 5000/-


  1. Does my current health insurance plan cover road accident insurance and ambulance expenses?

Sorry sir we don’t have detailed/specific information about other insurance plan, please contact the concerned insurance company for the same. But most insurance plan does cover ambulance expenses upto Rs 2000.


  1. How can I Purchase Rs 249 Road Accident insurance?

On the home screen of the G1 app, you can find the Insurance icon in the emergency section. Please click on the icon and your G1 app will navigate to the purchase page of insurance.


  1. Within how many days from the date of purchase the insurance policy will be issued?

The insurance policy will be issued within a minimum of 7 working days. It will be uploaded into the G1 app and emailed to the registered email id of the customer.


  1. Where will the insurance policy be available on the G1 app?

It will be available in the Insurance icon which is located in the home screen of the G1 app.


  1. What will be the insurance period?

The road accident insurance policy is issued for 365 days (1 year) from date of issuance.


  1. Does insurance cover road accidents occurring outside India?

Yes, the insurance applies to accident or event taking place anywhere in the world.

  1. Will insurance cover me in cities where G1 is not operational?

Yes, insurance applies for an accident or incident anywhere in the world. Regardless of the fact whether the G1 app is fully operational in those cities.


  1. Can I add my existing health insurance plan under the Insurance icon of the G1 app?

Yes, you can add an existing insurance plan by giving the details listed below on the G1 app under the Insurance icon.

  • Provider Name
  • Policy Name
  • Policy number
  • Policy Coverage Amount
  • Date Policy Start Date
  • Policy End Date
  • Claiming phone number


  1. What are the useful services of G1 app apart from emergency services?

Non-emergency ambulance booking, road accident insurance, tele counseling, purchase of G1 rakshak device, information about nearby medical store and hospital, blood test, care donor, pill reminder, public blood donor contact list.

31. What is tele consultation?
Tele consultation is consultation with a doctor/dietician through telephone.

32. Why tele consultation is beneficial through G1 app?
Here you can book an appointment & have consultation through phone from the convenience of your home.

33. What is the process to use tele consultation on G1 app?
Click on tele consult icon.
Click “Book Now” for booking tele consultant appointment.
Select patient.
Select type of consultation.
Select symptoms & click “Proceed”
Select convenient language from given choices
Select date & time of tele consultant call
Verify submitted details
Click “Book Now” for payment
Post payment you will get a confirmation SMS , notification & email.

34. What is the fee for one session?
As G1 provides multiple tele consulting options therefore fee varies based on the doctor and the specialty.

35. How long does the consultation take?
As G1 provides multiple tele consulting options therefore time of session varies & It is based on specialty of consultation. The minimum consultation time for one session is 10 minutes.

36. Will customer get a call over phone or will the customer needs to make a call on appointment timing ?
The doctor will call the customer at the appointed time.

37. How long do I need to wait for call?
The doctor will give you call within 10 minutes of fixed date & time.

38. What is ‘Lab tests & reports’?
It is a facility that enables you to provide test samples to laboratory personnel and collect test samples from your doorstep at your preferred time.

39. How will the sample be collected for testing and how will the report be shared by this ‘Lab Test and Report’ facility?
Click on the respective icon & select the Diagnostic test you want to conduct.
Confirm the member name & update address or select preferred address.
Select test sample pickup date & timing & Select ‘Book now’
You will receive a call on the given mobile number one day before the date of sample collection.
Kindly confirm your address, preferred timing, availability & name of test over call with lab technician
The technician will come & collect the sample for test.
The technician will come & collect the sample for test. Please hand him over the service fee of test in cash.
An SMS will be received on your mobile number as a confirmation of sample collection and cash payment
The respective report will be emailed within forty eight hours after sample collection on the registered email id & also will be updated on G1 app

40. What is the procedure to cancel & change the booking & its details?
You can inform technician about changes, when he/she calls you for confirming the appointment.

41. Which are our partners in lab test & its reports?
Thyrocare Labs

42. Can I get lab test report from other diagnostic center?
As of now we are exclusively tied up with Thyrocare.

43. How much time does it take to receive test reports?
You will receive the report within 48 hrs after sample collection.

44. Which medium will be used for sharing test report?
The respective report will be emailed within forty eight hours after sample collection on the registered email id & also will be updated on G1 app


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