1) How is G1 (Jeevan) different from other emergency mobile apps on Google Play

  1. G1 (Jeevan) platform takes a comprehensive approach to Emergency Care. We at G1 (Jeevan) see interplay of Technology Integration, First Responder Network and Micro Insurance policy to build a very holistic scalable solution. Hence G1 (Jeevan) platform is a lot more than any other emergency focused mobile app
  2. G1 (Jeevan) team spend a lot of time understanding all the issues that usually go wrong in Emergency Care and so built functionality that addresses those needs.

2) How can I become a First Responder ?

We conduct First Responder training in collaboration with local hospitals and several NGOs. If you send us your interest via WhatsApp to number xxxx, we will get in touch with you and let you know when a training is being done in the neighbourhood. Once trained First Responders on 100K First Responder and that gives an alarm if there is an emergency in 1 KM radius ( customized to different situations) and any First Responder in that neighbourhood can step up & help save lives of the victims.


3) Why is G1 (Jeevan) partnering with Apollo Munich for Insurance ?

G1 (Jeevan) platform has in its pursuit realized that without guaranteed payments, healthcare ecosystem ( Hospitals and Ambulances) finds it unsustainable. Hence G1 (Jeevan) worked with Apollo Munich to custom design a unique road accident insurance policy. This is a first of its kind and is very different from other accident coverage polices. A very very significant difference is that many accident insurance polices cover death benefit and disability benefit. As we are in the business of saving lives, our approach has been to have policy that can pay for Ambulance pickup, out patient treatment and in patient treatment leading to stabilization of the victim. Our objective is to save the life of the patient and get him out of Emergency zone. See chart below for comparison of Apollo Munich policy for G1 (Jeevan) registered customers with that of other commonly available policies


4) How to buy insurance coverage ?

Download G1 (Jeevan) App from Google Play, Navigate to “Profile” on the Left-Hand-Menu. Once inside profile, navigate to Insurance Screen and at the bottom of the screen, click on buy package and follow instructions.

5) How do I buy the insurance for my family members?

If you would like to buy this for your family members, there are two alternatives.

  1. a) Have them download the G1 (Jeevan) app from Google play and then purchase the insurance policy from their phone.
  2. b) Incase your family member does not have a smartphone, you can add your family member in your Android App by clicking on the “3 dots” on the top right corner of the app and choose option of “Add Member” After adding the member then go back to the same menu and choose “Switch Member” menu option and select the member for whom you would like to buy the insurance. Once you select the member then navigate to the “Profile” of the member and then to the Insurance tab and proceed to purchase the Insurance Policy”.

6) I made the payment in the app after which I had to exit the app without entering the insured details, I am now not able to navigate back to the screen and enter the data. How do I complete the purchase process?

When you face this issue, please send an email to help@g1.health including the following details

  1. a) Your login user id
  2. b) Paytm transaction id
  3. c) Details of the person you intend to insure (First Name, Last Name, Mobile Number, Email ID,Date of Birth, Aadhaar Number, Address, District, Pin Code, Nominee Name and Nominee relationship.

We will address the issue within 48 hours.

7) I made the payment but I have not received the policy.

For Insurance policy to be issued, Insurance company needs to have mobile, email and Aadhaar number verified. Please ensure you complete the verification process for your policy. After you complete the verification process you will receive the insurance policy within 7 working days.

8) The status shows as “Verification Pending”, what does that mean?

The insurance company requires that the mobile phone number and email id provided are validated and also requires the Aadhaar number to be provided. To do this click on the insurance policy that is listed as “Verification Pending” and click on the “Verify Phone” button, “Verify Email” button and “Verify Aadhaar” button. Once this is completed, the insurance policy request will be forwarded to the Insurance company.

9) How do I complete the verification process

Navigate to “Profile” on Menu on Android App and click on the Insurance Tab. , Inside Insurance tab, click on the insurance policy that is listed as “Verification Pending” and click on the “Verify Phone” button, “Verify Email” button and “Verify Aadhaar” button. Once this is complete the insurance policy request will be forwarded to the Insurance company.

10) How much time will it take for me to receive the insurance policy?

Once you complete the verification of mobile number, email id and aadhaar number we forward the insurance request to the insurance company for further processing. It typically takes 7 working days for issuance of the insurance policy.

11) How do I know that the insurance policy is ready?

Once the Insurance policy is ready, we will upload the policy against the insurance request that you have created in the app. Additionally you will receive email, sms and app notification on the insurance policy availability.

12) What are the modes of payment?

We are using paytm gateway to take your payments. Currently paytm allows, UPI, Credit, Debit and netbanking.

13) I have already purchased Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana in which I have accident coverage. How will this policy help me?

Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana applies only in case the accident victim dies or has a permanent disability, it does not include hospitalization expenses. Our Road Accident insurance policy from Apollo Munich is designed to help take care of medical expenses resulting from a road accident.

14) I have ESIC health coverage, how does this insurance policy benefit me?

ESIC hospitals are very limited in number and requires you to get treated only in ESI hospitals. The Apollo Munich Road Accident policy allows you to get treated at the nearest hospital and thus may prove to be the difference between life and death.

15) Does the policy have a cashless facility?

Treatment in network hospitals can be availed in cashless mode. You can find the nearest network hospital at http://www.apollomunichinsurance.com/our-hospital-network.aspx

16) Is Ambulance facility cashless?

If the ambulance facility usage is thru a network hospital, the ambulance charges can be claimed in cashless mode. Otherwise you can claim the expense directly from Apollo Munich. G1 (Jeevan) and Apollo Munich are working hard to bring a number of other hospitals into network. Please write to us if you want a particular hospital to be part of Network ?

17) I understand G1 (Jeevan) is still building the entire eco-system. Is it valuable for me to download the mobile app now or should I wait for the ecosystem to be completely built

G1 (Jeevan) has taken a very thoughtful approach to making this platform happen. We realize it will take some time to have the entire eco-system built up. However at every step of the way, G1 (Jeevan) platform is very valuable to the customers


14) How does Bloody Friend Network work?

G1 (Jeevan) understands that Blood Bank network is very weak outside of major metros in India. In our interviews with various emergency care victims, we realize that victim’s family / friends are most trustworthy in stepping up for a request for blood donation. Hence G1 (Jeevan) unique innovation is to have technology to scan Android phone’s address book and find out from G1 (Jeevan) if any of them have listed their blood group and if they are willing to share the same. In the Bloody Friend section one can therefore see all the friends and family who accepted to sharing the information on blood group. This really empowers the victim and victim’s family. Once you know your friends and family with matching blood group, you can with a few clicks, send a message across to everyone and solicit their help in blood donation


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