G1 Home Rakshak – A Device that keeps you safe at home
December 16, 2019

G1 Home Rakshak – With Pre-Paid Ambulance Trip

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G1 Home Rakshak with pre-paid ambulance trip

Designed to trigger an emergency event to notify family, neighbors, G1 call center and 108 service. This device is paired via a mobile app and connected to home WIFI.

Device has 2 buttons and each can be paired to a consumer’s profile (for eg Dad and Mom). When the button is pressed, it communicates to G1 platform, which in turn alerts family, emergency contacts and G1 call center. G1 call center will coordinate with a nearby ambulance as best as possible (without any guarantee) to help the consumer in distress and guide them to nearest hospital.

With pre-paid ambulance trip for Rs 2,000/-, it will make it easier for G1 to coordinate with local ambulance provider for drop to hospital up to 5km radius. The ambulance trip will be charged on actuals, but having Rs 2,000 will empower the private ambulance provider to act without hesitation

This Rs 2,000 is a refundable deposit and a consumer can always seek refund on the same from G1.


G1 Home Rakshak is all about amplifying redundancy for the consumer to get some emergency help

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